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Lose the Last 10 Pounds

The Last 10 Pounds eBook has been temporarily discontinued. It was written quite a while ago and I believe that it needs to be updated. Many people have benefited from my book which taught a common sense approach to weight loss and keeping it off. There was no "magic bullet" involved in my approach to help you lose weight - just information on exercise workouts and basic nutrition that many people are not aware of.

One of the cornerstones of weight loss in the program was the use of a kettlebell (That's what I'm holding in my right hand in the "after" picture). Kettlebell training is not yet well known in the U.s. although it is growing in popularity. It is a tool that combines both strength and aerobic training in one exercise. Kettlebells have a very long history and were used by old-time strong men, and you can actually find pictures of them hefting the huge iron spheres online.

Kettlebells come in different sizes, suitable for everyone from beginners (men AND women) to extremely fit and strong men. You can find more information about kettlebell use at Kettlebell-Training.com. You'll find routines for strength training and weight loss along with different techniques for both beginner and advanced. You'll even find advice on kettlebells for women. :-)

So until I re-write The Last 10 Pounds you can head over to Kettlebell-Training.com for the exercise part of the equation.